Priscil Poh

Priscil Poh

Artistic Director and Set Designer

Priscil Poh comes from a humble background, citing her family’s strong work ethic as an elemental part of her personality. An Australian University graduate, she received the Vice-Chancellor's List Award in recognition of her academic excellence. When she started her full-serviced events production company, she stuck with her dreams and never looked back.

From festive street lighting decorations to thematic environments, Priscil ensures that her company is always ready and fully equipped to handle any large-scale events. She puts a fresh spin on every project, propelling P'ART 1 Design Pte Ltd to the forefront of the event industry.

But perhaps Priscil’s greatest work is her massive support for the local arts scene, for which she has received the National Art Council (NAC) Patron of the Arts Award for eight consecutive years. With Singapore as her stage, Priscil goes above and beyond, building an extraordinary experience young aspiring artists will never forget. 

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