Andrew Wee

Andrew Wee

Technical Director

Andrew Wee is the Co-founder and Director of Production Operations for P'ART 1 Design Pte Ltd. He has nearly 30 years of experience in designing and building a wide variety of projects, namely; street decorations, sets, staging, live events as well as themed environments.

His structures are renowned for their functionality and breath-taking aesthetics. His skilfulness has amassed a broad spectrum of clients, whose ideas Wee turns into reality. Andrew is well-known for his quick lateral thinking skills and his ability to solve almost any technical issue.

Andrew started working at a very young age, attaining a wealth of knowledge and skills from countless hours of hard work. He is still very much hands-on and dabbles in just about anything with his team, particularly special effects and automation. His strong work ethic and leadership have served him well in all aspects of life.

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